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Chris’ smile with W. (Fake smile)


Chris’ smile with Darren ♥ (true smile)



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I’m all for Klamcedes! My 2 favorite couples of the show!
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5x14 reaction fic. NC-17

I miss morning sex.

He gets the text while he’s still in bed, stretched out on his stomach and trying to pretend that the sun isn’t as bright as it is. He misses it too. He misses Blaine’s breakfasts and having coffee freshly ground and pressed. He’s glad for the space, and he’s glad they’re being so careful and smart. But he misses him.

He lifts his face from the pillow, squints against the morning glare and grabs his phone from the nightstand.

You can still have it. And then tell me all about it ;)

Blaine’s reply is immediate, and Kurt can just picture him, already up and dressed and gelled, bouncing around the apartment with more cheerful energy than anyone has a right to have first thing in the morning. Kurt smiles to himself at the image.

You know what mean.

I do. I miss you too.

He taps out the message, finally heaves himself out of bed and stumbles to the kitchen. Pulls down a box of cereal, a bowl, the cold milk from the fridge. Sits down and pours it all out, then sighs when he realizes he didn’t get a spoon.

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me when i see “chill” in my dash

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